0ur days starts with mornings an probably for everyone it will be hectic. Some are studying some are working an the other some are busy after their families. All are running to catch the right time an if they reached, then it will be a good day an if not on time, then the whole day for them will be very bad. Like this yet another day in our life has been started. Busy busy busy . Running to meet our needs, running to meet the needs of our family, running to meet the needs of our boss an again someone running to meet the needs of their teachers. What a world right? Just imagine if we are running the same behind any marathon deffinetly we will reach first.

An after meeting the goals, we all are done. An our moods an expressions will be very worse on thinking to do the same on tomorrow. This is what life is for most of us but trust me this is not our life, life didn’t gave us this, we ourself choosed to be like this an why are we complained about that instead should be happy enough know an also should be thankful to God for giving us what we had choosen.

Any way by reading through you can realize that we all are lucky enough, there are millions who cannot even dream of what we have today. So always try to be happy with the little you have even though its giving you somuch tensions, frustrations or any thing, just take a deep breath an go ahead with the flow, you will be ok with it coz the almighty will never put you in such situations which you cant handle an you will be happy for ever.

An our days are done by meeting the goals an we reached to the evenings.Yes our works our classess an everything is finished for that particular day an we are free now. Now its time for relaxation. Some one will find it infront of TV some in internets some in gadgets an the other some in bathrooms as well. Any way evenings are always blessings. Its the time we all are free, the time to do something for ourselves, the time to meet an greet our families an friends.

Just imagine a fun drive along with your loved ones away from all the hectics by having a perfect cup of tea an listening to your favourite track on the background………it will be awesome. Just try to do once in a while, living your macheine like life…. But all these will be incomplete without having a perfect time….Yes the EVENING…No other time can be so much beautiful an matching to such an occasion.

my evening...!

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