Something that leads our life. We all have dreams. Everyone should have that. Someone without dreams will be nearly a useless. But I don’t think there will be someone like that. Definitely every human will have their own dreams regardless of what they are. Our caste, our religion, our status nothing….For a dream to have, it doesn’t matter at all. Every one will have a dream for sure. But among all lucky are those who had fulfilled their dreams. There are thousands who had dreamed an owned. It really needs a lot of hard work, courage, brave an of course luck. But there are also millions who are not lucky enough to fulfill their dreams. May be because of their situations, their family background or may be because they are less fortunate.


A famous quote of the cartoonist WALT DISNEY. Yes we all have the right to have a dream, but should have to work for that. An there is a belief also that is, if we really dreamed of achieving something, so truly, it will definitely comes to our hands. All we need is some patience an a lot of hard work. It really takes time. No wall is build in one day. There are so many success full people around the world who had started their life from zeros. An with their effort an passion towards their dream, they reached there.

Some lucky people are there who had born with the silver spoons. They will have everything they need. Someone even forget to dream itself. An the other some will dream an own it too. But for them its quiet easy. And there are some other people who leads a normal life. Their dreams are so rich, so real but the chance to reach there is very low. No one will find any value for that. As I early mentioned, due to their situations they keep their dreams aside, thinking to have it later, even though they know it will not happen. Due to family backgrounds some parents will not allow their child to persuade their dreams. They want their child to lead a life which they think is perfect, with which the child is not happy at all. An there are some others with community reasons, which shut the doors for ever. An if everything is ok, the situations, parents,… everything, then also for some, they will not get the chance to move towards their dream, just because their luck didn’t favor them. So sadly these normal people will dream a lot.. Some times we need a mentor too. To guide us through the right path.


Very beautiful lines……especially for the abovd mensioned ones. They go with the flow of life by keeping their dreams in one corner of their heart.

An between all these there are some extra ordinary intelligent ones who had taken so much courage an effort to push them forward until they reach their final destination. They will fought until they persuade their dreams. They lead just a normal life, struggled so much, heard a lot from back but still move forward with all the confidence. They might got some really good mentors as well. they are the real HERO of life……They made their dreams come true. A big salute to all such personalities.


7 thoughts on “DREAMS…!

  1. I strongly believe in power of dreams and to the fact that once you make a decision the whole universe conspires to make it happen. Sometimes there does come time when you start doubting whether universe is really working to help you achieve it, because nothing seems to fall in places. But that is also the time you need to have more faith in your hard work and the universe. In the end everything will work out maybe not how planned it would but just how it was supposed to be. As you said, Patience is the key. 😊

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