Fujairah- An unforgetable ERA of my life….!


Nov-17-2017:The day i left FUJAIRAH with so much pain of leaving that beautiful city.

I never felt it would be so hard for me to leave this place as it is attached to my inner core.I heard so much about fujairah as it’s a remote area among the other emirates.No scenary,no major tourist locations just like a forest where nobody likes to live.Keeping all these in mind,i went there with no interest on” How can i live here”.But fortunatly the city was entirely opposite of what i heard.Beautiful scenary,calm an quiet areas,a city which is surrounded by hills on one side a beautiful beaches on the other.There is more to say…….From then i learned that don’t believe anyone unless you saw that.

FUJAIRAH one among the seven emirates,was always a developing city.Day by day fujairah is progressing.New roads,New tunnels,New bridges,Building ect…It’s progress starts from the famous BIDIYAH MOSQUE,which is UAEs first an the best known historical building (which was built by coral stones), to SHEIKH ZAYED GRAND MOSQUE,which is the second largest mosque in UAE,which had opened in 2016.

The other specialities of fujairah are:it has an international airport,Muesium,Beautiful drive in Cornish area where opposite of it,an entire area is for kids of all ages which has football court,basket ball,horse riding,variety of slides,swings ect….

Also the main attraction of the city is the traditional BULL FIGHT which happens on every friday afternoon.Its a amazing scene .The arabs from all over the emirates will come to watch this.Its a complete visual treat for the locals out there.

Besides these there are people from all across the world living there,for them their respective country clubs are also working.So that they can boost up their energies by participating in all the activities that functions in the club which are held mostly on weekends.Badminton tournament,Football, Swimming ect…arts related programs for children of all ages.Family gatherings,national festivals celebrations are the highlite of the clubs.Clubs play a major role their as it’s a relaxing spot after tiring days.Also in every 2 year, International Arts Festivals also happens in the same city.

Besides these there are International Marine Club,Tennis and Country club,Fujairah port,Major five to seven star hotels like Le MERIDIAN AL AQQA,ROTANA,IBIS FUJAIRAH,NOUR ARJAAN,NOVOTEL FUJAIRAH,RADISSON BLUE ect….

Coming more towards the commercial side,Fujairah host the middle east’s Largest Commercial Oil Storage Capacity an also the best location in the gulf country to host a Liquified Natural Gas Exporting Hub according to industrial survey.

Health The key factor in everyone’s life, in a same way the city is also very health concious.They conduct so many programs related to it such as blood donation campaign,sugar an pressur monitoring,city all around marathons ect….Wide range of hospitals are also working across the city.Thumbay hospital,Al sharq hospital,Aster hospital ect… along with various clinics are also among them.

As i mentioned earlier different nationalities are living their for them different nationality based schools are also working there. GEMS,Fujairah Indian School,St Marys Fujairah,Pakistan national school,Our Own Fujairah are some of them.

Above all the weather is amazing .Like other middle east countries weather also changes to low to extreams.If it’s hot then it will be too hot just like under the sun an if it’s cold it will be freezing.But a moderate climate will be their in the end of october continuing november an december,it’s wounderful. The cool weather starts and celebrations surrounding the FLAG DAY and NATIONAL DAY also starts.The whole city turns towards decorating mood.Flags,National day picture highlights and all can be seen through out the roads an pathways.Stunning airshows will also be there on the beach side which are performed by the brilliant military students of the emirates followed by road rally and fireworks at night is all together a mesmerizing scene for the people.The whole city will gear up.

Buildings like Sixteen building,White village are some of the oldest residential buildings in fujairah which is there till date in a renovated form.

It’s a very small city where you can go alone in a cab that too at night if you know the correct locations.That much safety is what that city gives us.24/7 taxi services are available also full-time police patrolling will be there.Keeping the city aside there are areas like Qalba,Korfakkan,Dibba ect…which also has natural beauty at it’s peak.Fujairah can only reach by long drives when coming from the other emirates and for the scenery lovers this long way will be worth the wait.

The one who had been there can only say how beautiful the city is ,was and will be. I was there for the past 3 years of my life an i wish i could be there for ever…….Love you fujairah………

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