Travel Diaries: Wayanad.


Wayanad -The land of paddy fields and natural beauty, it is one of the most beautiful retreats of Kerala with its green highlands, lush valleys, dense forests and cool climate makes this place a famous tourist destination which is located at the north-east district of kerala,India.All these remarks collectively attracted us to this place. Yes…! i went there couple of years ago.It was a short trip so we couldn’t explore much of wayanad as there comes a list of destinations here.

It’s a beautiful place which has its own uniqueness.This is basically a hill district.It’s the green paradise, clean and pristine, the land having history and mystery at the same time also it’s a homeland for various tribal communities.

Mainly wayanad is famous for its Wild life sanctuary , which is a lush forested region with area of high altitudes an it’s a home to animals including elephants,tigers and leopards and also for Edakkal caves which has history on its own kind that contain ancient petroglyphs. Besides these there are so many waterfalls,view points,lakes, islands,peaks and much more to see.

We started our journey in the evening and reached chooralmala a village in Wayanad at night. It was our first trip to wayanad so we don’t know much about the place but a friend of us was a native there so we called him an collected all the information regarding the routs and all and he also invited us to visit his home which is in chooralmala, so with his directions we reached there.It was late night.After visiting him we plan to take room in town to stay but they didn’t allow us to go. They insisted us to stay there  which we can’t refuse an it was indeed a nice stayccation itself.Chooralmala is a small village in which you can see small houses, small shops in between hecters of tea estates. The people over there are so down-to-earth, humble kind of people.Their life style is also so simple. Most of them find their income by doing business from around nearby regions itself.We just loved their natural behaviour a lot.

Next morning we had their special homemade breakfast which is so delicious and then we leaved that place and started our drive.It’s so nice to be with them, such a wonderful souls.The drive was amazing.This place has tea estates on both sides of the road which is so beautiful to see completely away from the hustle bustle of the city life.Calm an quiet ares.It was so relaxing throughout the ride to enjoy the beauty of wayanad.Then we are heading towards the famous SOOCHIPARA WATER FALLS , which is situated at vellarimala.1280px-Soochipara_Falls,_Wayanad_Kerala,_2013_(Landscape)

                                             Coming from chooralmala we went through so many hairpin bends to reach this place.It’s a bit risky but the places are worth watching. We parked our vehicle and entered the place.From there we have to trek for at least 30 minutes in downward inclination to reach the falls.It’s little tiring but we manage to reach there.That is the first time i’m seeing a water fall in i’am super exited on that an it’s so wonderful, surrounded by dense evergreen forest and is  somewhat crowded also. We sit and relaxed there for hours, took some pictures  and enjoyed the beauty then trek back to reach our cab. From there our next destination is to one among  the main tourist attractions of wayanad- POOKOT LAKE .It is a scenic fresh water lake in vythiri.It’s an attractive picnic spot and also a good place to visit with families and friends.This lake is surrounded by thick forest and hills and it has the shape of India’s Map which is one of its kind in Kerala.Entry fee is there, when entered you can see so many  small shops which sells handicrafts items, spices, fresh water fishes ect….We visited almost all the shops and buy some wayanad famous gooseberries dumped in honey along with some other stuffs  to backpack home an then we moved towards the lake.PookodeLakeBoating facilities are available to enjoy the lake beauty. We took one motor boat which had a site guide in it. While enjoying we had a chit-chat with him.When reached to a side of the lake he told us that we are now in Gujarat, for a split second we didn’t understand anything, then our bulb lighten up…It actually has a shape of India’s map.After the limited boat ride time, we went back.Pookote lake is a must visit place when in wayanad.As i mentioned earlier it was a short road trip. Our time in wayanad has come to an end, we have to go back. Even though the journey was short it was genuinely revitalizing and a memorable one.After having lunch from a nearby hotel, we started our drive back home.Here comes the most interesting part of the trip.We have to dive through the beautiful yet adventurous Thamarassery churam to reach our place.1280px-Wayanad_Churam_thamarasseri

It is a mountain pass in India which is located around 800 meters above sea level along national highway in Kozhikode district,Kerala, India.It is the mountain range that connects two districts in kerala,kozhikod and wayanad.It is a roadway having 9 major hairpin bends.It’s an awesome ghats section which you will stare at while passing.Coming from top we won’t understand but when reached down after this tremendous bends, we realize how scary it is.Truly it’s a breath-taking journey.Here comes to an end for my wayanad trip.Hope you all get a glimpse of this beautiful land through my blog..Untill next time…..

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