Miles to go before i sleep……


  Beautiful line from the poemstopping by woods on a snowy evening‘ by Robert Frost.Its a familier line that we usualy see on picture captions.Each time when i saw this i relate it to travellings as if someones dream to travel miles and miles long to explore the whole world.But recently i found that this is not a single quote, its a line from a Robert frost poem also it is not about travelling, its something else. When we go deep into this poem we realise that it has a beautiful meaning with a reminder for all of us.

The poem that tells us about the responsibilities and promises that we have to fullfill before we sleep for ever.We all have responsibilities on our own an on its own. We all make promises as well. But do we work on it?….few does and majorities strive to do it. Why is it so?……Its only because of the “Temptations” that we have in our lives.Even though our inner mind remind us about the promises and responsibilities that we have,due to the temptations on other worldly things we are leaning back.Temptations always make us less focused in life.No matter how nice it was, we have to move on,we have to work hardly on it.We have promises to keep, responsibilities to fullfill and dreams yet to be dreamed.Don’t know when we are going to die……. make sure to do it before……..

Its a wounderful socialy relavant poem that i enjoyed learning so far.Hope you all enjoyed it aswell.

Untill next time…..Be positive …..stay happy…….



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