When anger breaks……!

Its always better to be quiet when u got angry.otherwise things will became worse……

I always feel like anger is an involuntary action of our body which sometimes just breaks our control……I came across somany instanse in my life like this where i lost it .Even though i dont like it to happen it just happens all the time.

There could be many reasons for this. Some are by birth short tempered geneticaly they are like that which cannot be changed. Next comes the type, who are extream patience having people,they dont get angry all the time but at somepoints they burstout. Then comes the catogeri of people who gets angry due to their mental pressure,frustrations, stress and all those feelings comes together in certain situations which makes them angry. This is the worst catogeri,where nobody understand them. They are the most strugling ones. They are different from the other two types ,i.e, they are in between both charecters which is why they hear a lot from back an people will not mind their anger. People who fall in depression are mostly from this categori. In any which way…

Anger will always cause destruction not only for others but also for ourselves. We often dont remember what we had said when we are angry…we just throw a lot of words without any sense. At that moment we want to fight an win, After which we just cooldown an forgot everything that we did and said so easily. But for the other person,there remains a scar which cannot be removed for ever. Once they are said they can only be forgiven not forgotten.

Usually anger creates a bad impression. We dont like people who gets angry. We are afraid of short temperd ones at the same time we respect a lot about the higly patience having ones. Basically Nobody likes to get angry an nobody likes the person who are getting angry. Also when we are in this mood we feel totaly uncomfortable and feel so upset after sometimes because not only the people even our inner soul hates this emotion. Anger is one of the powerful emotion in our body which is why it creates a powerful impact in our lives.

Relationship breaks are the most painfull things that happens when anger breaks…..

Getting angry is so easy but to get control of it is the most difficult thing.

Getting angry is not at all a bad thing but always make sure not to break it,for which you will regret upon later.

Untill next time…………………… Be happy……stay positive

Rubeena faisal….💖

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