When life moves with a plan which is done by the almighty, our plans just fades away. We don’t know what comes next. We usually plan something an happens some other things. There comes an alert to be prepaired on all the time. Else things will messed up an starts to tangle, which could be difficult sometimes to handle.

I Stucked in a similar situation were life gave me a chance to realize it’s value. When the year almost came to end, when chirstmas carrols are all around,when winter made us cool inside out,I was fully out from this world for the last seven days. It was almighty’s plan which made me so upset but later realized,his plans are always better than mine.

It was realy a detoxification for my body and soul. Which i feel we all need it in the midst of our hectic life.

I was completely away from my normal routine. No alarms,no cooking, no T.V, no books, no internet….and much more no’s from my daily chaos. It was a boring life and i knew its only for some days but i understand how pathetic is the condition of people who are going through the same for longer periods. We should be grateful to God for not putting us in such situations.

We all know gadgets play an important role in our busy life,by which we sometimes forgot to understand various phases of life. We are that much involved in social medias which is why, if we hear any good or bad news, we react to that an it remains only for a hour or so. After that again back into gadgets lifes mainly into social medias…..

Nowadays people are more connected towards the virtual family than their actual families….

Fully busy roads with unbearable horns of the vehicles along with the sounds of ambulances, alltogether gave me some touching thoughts…Structures running with wounded patience, pitty faces waiting outside the operation theater, ambulance coming with emergency cases, people waiting curiously outside the medical labs,stressed when seeing the hospital bills…….every single thing realized me ‘there is muchmore going around you so please wakeup from your digital world, rais your eyes an look around,there is another phase for life’. Also i found that my problems are nothing when i compair it with such situations. Only when you step out of your world you will realize this………


Until next time…

Be happy…..stay positive….


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