Year ending….2018

2018 has come to an end. I can’t imagine how fast it has ended up. I still remember the lovely message that i received from my husband sharp at 12:00 AM on 2018 night and now the whole 365 days are over. It just passed like a flash of light. When thinking about it, the whole years memories are rewinding one by one.

The year has effected all of us in many ways. In my case it was a mix of everything.Wounderfull happy memories along with painful scary memories too.The physical disturbance that i undergo half of the year and the loss of my grand father are some among the painful ones.And this is the year that gave my motherland a calamity to its extream level in the form of a flood which has taken 100’s of lifes.It was the worstest flood that we faced in a century. The year in which we saw red alerts for all the 14 districts of my state-Kerala (then gradually things got better but still for the effected ones,their loses are forever the major loss.)this is the most scary memory of the year😓.

Coming back this is the year that gave me the confidence to rebuild my blog👩‍💻.The year in which i learned more of things. The year that gave me a child, we got a new member for our family. Year that made me little more responsible and matured than before.The year that has witnessed my immense joy on fulfilling 80% of my wishes/goals that i made for the first time in my whole life.(20% of them are still remaining, Hope to do it in the coming year) And also the year that i spent mostly within my home with my family without any travellings, which had happened back in school days. The year that realised me the value of health and wealth that we should save them for our future.This and a lot more things….

Truly 2018 was wonderful with only the grace of almighty…Time just flies.Here comes yet another New year, New resolutions to form, New wishes to make,New hopes to move forward and most importantly another 365 days to live our life,In sha Allah.

I wish you all a wonderful year ahead and to make use of each and every minute seconds of the coming year to become a better version of yourselves from extracting the mistakes that you did during the previous years.

My all your prayers be accepted, May all your wishes comes true, May almighty bless you to live a healthy and a happy life………


Until next time…..

Be positive an stay happy…


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