When negativity hits you…!

No matter how positive you are, there will be people who continuously tries to make you feel bad. They pretend to know everything even though they are a complete useless fellow. Even their presence makes you uncomfortable. They carries a sack of negative vibes all the time. Throwing it randomly when ever they got a chance. They find happiness by making others sad with their negative approach. They consider themselves as superiors and others are good for nothing. They can’t find goodness in anything. In every situation they will possibly think in a negative point of view. These are the worst category of people around us.

We often came across such characters in our life. What is their actual problem and how can we deal with it? Did you ever think about it. It’s so simple…

Their main problem is that they are not at all happy in their life. So they can’t tolerate others who are happy. They are very narrow-minded persons. They don’t think in a broad way. Their minds and thoughts are full of complaints and doubts. They dont look up to themselves and always find faults in others. They only taught us that we dont need them in our lives anymore. So what we have to do is:-

  • first of all you should know the person who is trying to put you to their level.
  • Next try maximum to stay away from them.
  • In some unavoidable situations just be quiet & relaxed. They are showing their character and you are showing yours.
  • Dont argue with them, they don’t deserve your time.
  • You and your loved ones know who you are so be yourself for always.
  • Never change yourself for anybody else unless and untill you think so.
  • What ever they are saying just hear it with one ear and through it through the other one.
  • Finlay ignore them and turn yourself towards the positive side.

I hope you all like it and it will make a change in you when negativity hits you.…✌

Until next time…….

Be positive and stay happy…..


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