Expectations always hurts…!

Never ever expect anything from anyone.

It will always hurt you.

No matter how close you are with that person,don’t expect anything from him.

It will always hurt you.

Everybody is not like you. So don’t expect them to do in a way you want it.

It will always hurt you.

But whatever happens, at least we will expect from the one who is that much closed to us, for sure. Its human nature. We can’t change it very easily.But the cost for that expectations will be very high that….

It will hurt you with a heartbreak.

Because later only we realize that he is not having any feelings just like you have. You are doing every possible thing to make him happy for life, but…..he dont even consider you….. No matter how busy you are, you will find time for him,but…..he dont pay any attention to you….

All your expectations are just a waste of everything. Your time,your energy,your love, your feelings…everything…..

That realisation and heartbreak…..sometimes you can’t bear it….it will make you go deep down both mentally and physically. So when you found your expectations is eventually killing you, immediately stop it. Just stop doing it. Just stop thinking about it. Dont make any thing let you down. Because you don’t deserve it.

Not only in the case of loved ones, expectations will hurt you from friends,family members,relatives and so on.People used to change but you don’t change yourself untill you need it. You just continue doing what ever makes you happy. But dont expect it in return. And thank GOD for giving such opportunities to learn these people’s.


So if you want ultimate happiness then don’t expect anything from anyone.

Just be yourself. Do what you want to do. Ignore such people who don’t value you at the same time be kind and humble to everyone,coz they are showing their character and you are showing yours.And live your life to its fullest……

Untill next time….

Be happy an stay positive….


15 thoughts on “Expectations always hurts…!

  1. Thank you for this post. Exactly what I needed to hear today. Thanks for visiting and following my blog. It is because you visited my blog that I was introduced to you and your blog. As a result I saw your post and the words that I needed to help me today.☺🕉

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