One of the most difficult phase in our life. Everybody will face this in one way or the other. The phase in which we can’t figure out anything.

Were our body physically stays at one place and our mind just travels some were.

Were thoughts emerges one after the other and finds only negative side of everything and can’t find good in anything.

We start loosing focus on everything that we do. Stress and frustrations boost up in our body and fades our eyes due to which we became angry for silly reasons.

Were we feel like the time is lagging way behind which makes the days much longer which we don’t actually want as our only hopes will be tomorrows.

Were we can’t sit properly and relax.

Were smile disappears for a while and we smile only to pretend that we are ok.

Were gatherings and happy occasions seems to be boring.

Were being alone makes you feel better.

Were tears rolled down but nobody will be there to wipe out.

Were we work to fix it but cannot see any results in it.

Were nights became sleepless and anxiety just continues……!

It is such a pathetic condition…....The struggling phase….

 Were we feel like we are stucked in between so much of problems forever.

Were our hopes start reducing and we ultimately turn towards the creator. Only were you get some piece of mind. And sometimes we also feel like even the GOD is not listening.

Then what can we do now? How to overcome this? Is there any possible way to just get out of this?……..Yes…..there is and it depends upon people and the way they deal with it.

In my point of view i just want to tell you that you have to remember a few things…..

This particular phase in your life has occurred not just only for you. It is happening for millions and millions of people around the world. They all are facing the same phase but in a plenty of different ways. And that’s how we as a human works. Struggle is a part of our story. We have to struggle a lot to actually reach somewhere or to get something. The struggle that you are in today is the strength you need for tomorrow.

There are people among which some of their lives are going in an extreme level were they are falling down miserably. Then what is your excuse. Just think about it. I know it will be very hard for you to think in a good way in those bad days. But you have to give another short to get it back right. Then only you can move forward. Otherwise you will be stucked there for life.

So when you are in a struggling phase, stop counting your problems. They are not going to last forever. It also got an ending. And remember to count on your blessings. Some people cannot even imagine what you have in your life. So make sure you are valuing it. And another important thing is that the GOD will not put you in a situation which you can’t bear. So you are capable of dealing with all your struggles.

So trust and move on….Never give up….

Thats all guys. This is my take on it. Hope you all like it and it will make a change, at least for a few in their life when they are struggling…..!

Until next time.

Stay happy an be positive.


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