Time to show some power….!

For the indians out there. As you all know elections are around the corner. The candidates have been selected. The polling booths and respective dates have been decided. All the political parties across the country are eagerly waiting for the day. Now its time for us to show some power. Come INDIA let’s do this.

We are a huge nation with 130 crore population and as a democratic country each and every one of us has the right to cast our votes. Its our major responsibility and we should not stay back from this. Its our chance to choose wisely the person whom we would like to see as a governing body.

frankly speaking i am a person who doesn’t like politics. I hate politics. I have no interest in it. The loksabha, rajya sabha, the speaker, the bills and every single thing related to this is allergic to me because I don’t know anything about it and i don’t want to pay any attention to these. It always creates confusions for me. Peace and harmony is what i am looking forward to but i cannot find it anywhere in politics. I am not degrading or underestimating our government. They are doing what they want to do and i know without any political measures and schemes our country will not work smoothly. But its only my take on it.So that i dont discovered much on this subject except ELECTIONS. This is the only one thing that i love about politics. That after the age limit the government is giving us chances by considering our votes as an individuals opinion towards the nation. So we have to grab this opportunity at any cost.

Major part of our population are NRI’s. Even though they have the facility to vote from abroad, majority are not using it. Some of them are even unaware about it . And besides that some indians also think like it’s a day for them to take rest. “If one vote is missing it doesn’t make any difference so why to go and stand in a big queue for hours that too in this hot season”. “Somebody will win for sure but whats the benefit for us?”.

This kinds of stupid mentality has to change otherwise we couldn’t expect any progress in our governance. If you are standing with this attitude sometimes lakhs and crores of votes are not casted.Then? think about it. By doing so you are increasing the chance for unsuitable ones to win. Finlay we as voters are going to suffer through poor governing. Do we deserve that? Never…..

You have to understand that each and every vote counts…and it does make difference. So make sure you are going to do it. Lets show our power,cross our fingers and wait for the results. May the best wins…🤞

This is my gentle reminder for all my fellow indian bloggers to vote for their favourite candidates. Hope you all like it😊.

Until next time.

Stay happy an be positive…..


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