Just a travelogue….!

A month before i visited some of the beautiful places in kannur, which is a coastal city in the south indian state of india, Kerala. As you all know kerala is known as the ‘Gods own country’ and the places which are located in each and every district is unique and are very beautiful which will rejoice you inside out.

Below i am describing my experience upon travelling to three of such places which are worth visiting and I recommend you all to go when you are there.

It’s just a day trip so we first went to one of the main tourist attraction in kannur which is also known as the longest drive in beach in Asia and the only one in India :- The muzhapillangad beach.

This is an ultimate paradise for driving along the shore. You can enjoy driving for a full 4km directly on the sands of the beach as the beach is wide and sand is firm enough to support vehicles for a smooth drive. You can see the waves come and go while driving on the sandy shore. Car and bike stunts also happens here by the young people. And its a bird watching spot too. especially migratory birds visit here as per the seasons. It’s a best place for jogging aswell. The beach is situated between two towns namely kannur and thalassery which is parallel to national highway 66. The cool breeze while driving will make you feel so light and will keep you relaxed from all other worldly tensions. Its my first experience and i enjoyed it as much as i can. It’s an elusive destination and a must see for indians as well as foreign tourists. It will give you a life time experience because you have seen a lot of beautiful beaches but driving beach, specially the longest one in Asia is some thing else which is a chance that you get to enjoy very rarely.

After enjoying the beach ride,our next stop was to a hill station:-Palakkayam thattu which is also known as snowhill(manjumala).20190410_2309348821798145577303930.jpg


It’s a beautiful high range place which is 3500 feet above sea level so you can imagine its height. Basically this whole range is covered with 3 hills namely paithalmala,kudiyanmala and palakkayam thattu among which this is the best place to go. Other two are completely into trekking. This too is a trekking spot along with mind-blowing scenes and much other activities which altogether gives you a natural delight. The main speciality of this place is that it is visited by low hanging clouds which is so amazing to watch.

Besides these several activities for kids and adults are also there like zorbing ball, Ropes course, Shooting etc… A suicide point,upon watching will take your breath for a second, is yet another speciality. You can also see fog if it is a cold climate.Its the perfect location for photography. You can go there in your own vehicle but to reach at the top you have to take geep which is available there itself for 400 bucks. It’s an off-road of 2 km drive which is a bit risky so jeep services are the best. A place where you can sit and relax for hours by having fresh air, cool breeze, fantastic views and a great walk around. Nature lovers will definitely enjoy when came here. Early morning and evening are the best time to visit as the sunrise and sunset are marvellous to see. So that’s all about palakkayam thattu- a hill station to visit for sure when in kannur.

Next i am talking about a waterfall mainly known as Paravoor falls.

it is a tourist attraction in panapuzha-kannur. It’s a small waterfall not a very big one but a beautiful one which is very safe so that you can bring your kids aswell. It is just an evening spot to visit as you can enjoy the falls between thick greenery. Again after parking you have to walk for a while to reach the falls. We went there, enjoyed the falls, spent some time for our kids to enjoy then came back. There is nothing much to do. It’s nice to see but I recommend this to neighbour hoods only.

That’sย all friends. Here comes an end to my short travelogue. There is a list of other places in kannur this is just 3 among them which i hope the travel freaks out there will like and will get a some idea about the places aswell.

Untill next time…..

Be positive and stay happy……


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