Sunshine Blogger Award-2…..

It feels so good to be nominated for this award for the second time within a week. I am so happy and i express my sincere gratitude to my fellow blogger Huguette for nominating me. She is an amazing blogger who’s writings you will enjoy reading a lot. Do check her blog here

The sunshine Blogger Award is a peer recognition award for bloggers that inspires positivity and joy.

Rules for the Award:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link back to their blog so others can find them.
  • List the rules and display an award logo on your blog post.
  • Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you.
  • Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and notify them by commenting on any of their posts.
  • Ask the nominees 11 new questions.

Questions i was asked for :

1) What do you think about blogging world?

A:- I think this is so good because it’s a nice platform for the people who loves writing and you have got a chance to utilize it as much as you can.

2) which motivates you to start a blog and who encouraged you?

A:- when i saw some blog posts of one of my friend, i realized about word press. Then it just pulled me to create one as i love writing. Nobody encouraged me actually. I myself found it good and that motivated and encouraged me.

3) what you want to change in this world? Why?

A:- The problems that every women face all over the world. In the middle of the day or at night they can’t go anywhere, even if it’s an emergency. They feel scared to step outside. That should be changed because otherwise they cant live in peace. They are also humans. They also have equal rights to live their life just like every men does.

4) what do you think about your followers?

A:- My followers, thanks a lot for following me. Each day when i got a new follower,it’s a motivation for me to move further with my blog. Also followers are of two types. First ones,they follow you to follow them back and support them. Second category is, they genuinely love your writings and hence following you to read some more of them. Any ways i respect both of them.

5) Are you enjoying blogging? Reason?

A:- of course i am enjoying it a lot. Because i love writing and iam using this platform for that which in return gives me so much followers, likes and their opinions about my writings. Then how can someone resist enjoying it.

6) Your favourite book and why?

A:- My current favourite is Girls who can you trust by LisaJewel. It’s a nice fiction which is a worthwhile read which contains some thrilling suspense and mystery aswell.

7) Technology is good thing or bad thing?why?

A:- Technology is a very good thing. All those facilities that we have right now , which has made our lives much easier and faster, is only due to the progress in technology. But at the same time it also ruined some people’s life aswell. So it depends on the person who are dealing with it.

8) Is your life in balance?

A:- Every ones life is unique and they will definitely try to make a balance in it. So i think my life is in balance itself but still i always try not to make it imbalance.

9)Share any of your experience which has changed you?

A:- Choosing one is very difficult. Every thing happens for a reason. For me the quote’ experience is the best teacher’ has a great involvement in my life. I have gone through several experiences which gave me opportunities to learn more and more about life which gradually changed me a lot.😊

10) What do you think about ‘ my emotional finger print’?

A:- A blog which contains some depicts from actual life, some tips for other bloggers, interesting and relatable topics. On the whole a nice blog to read.👍

11) Tips for beginners?

A:- Dont ask others to follow your blog. Followers,likes and comments will come to you gradually. All you have to do is just put good quality contents in your blog rather than putting this and that. All the best.

My nominees:-

  1. Thought for change.(
  2. Maysa Rose.(
  3. Ramyani Battacharya.(
  4. Optimistic soul.(
  5. Akshaya thulasi(
  6. Ellen(
  7. Almostmuslimah(
  8. Umrah sania(
  9. Rita saxena(
  10. Eva(
  11. Deeksha pathak(

My Questions:-

1) Name any two qualities a blogger should have according to you?

2) A social incident that shook your head and heart so far?

3) Name any 2 of your favourite book that you recommend others to read?

4) if you could change your nationality which one will you select and why?

5) A place that you’re dieing to visit for a long time?

6) Your favourite spot?

7)watching a movie or reading a book, which one you prefer the most?

8) Two of your favourite quote?

9) An adventurous thing to do in your bucketlist?

10) Name any two famous personality whom you would like to inspire?

11) Your favourite cartoon character?

Thats all guys….Hope you all like it.

Untill next time….

Be positive an stay happy….


42 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award-2…..

  1. Congratulations dear. I am so sorry I checked out so late. You deserve more of these awards and thank you so much for your nomination.. means a lot 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Congratulations 🎉 and thank you for the kind words! 😊Glad to know more about you through the answers but it would be greater if you let me know you accepted this award, because many don’t and I assumed you didn’t read…
    Best of luck and happy blogging 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Love all your answers. But especially 4,5,7 and 11. Yes, it annoying when bloggers ask to you to follow them because A- it feels like they’re making you obligated to visit their site and follow them. B- They don’t even if you’ll like what they post.
    Anyway congrats!

    Liked by 2 people

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