Travel Diaries:- MYSORE….!

The royal city, the city which is famous for many things, the city with a rich cultural and historical background, the city where you can find people of different communities living peacefully altogether, the city which is a mix of natural beauty, heritage structures and modern townships. Mysore was always there on my bucketlist and i am so happy upon fulfilling it.

It is a beautiful city and a famous tourist destination in the Indian state of Karnataka. Its official name is mysuru and the language is Kannada. Basically the district is a neighbourhood to Kerala and Tamilnadu,which is the respective states of India. The whole  city lies under the foothills of chamundi hills. With so much pleasure here i am describing my experience upon travelling to this wonderful city through my blog to the world.

We (me and my family) went there on 19th of October this year with a bunch of our friends. It was totally an unplanned trip but it turned out to be a memorable one. I’m a big travel enthusiast and i couldn’t resist my excitement and joy upon going there. I didn’t even sleep the night before we are going. We reached there around ninish and find out that it’s too late to explore the city other than an exhibition that’s happening on behalf of Mysuru Dasara which is a state festival of Karnataka which takes place annually and lasts for about 10 days.

It usually begins on September- October probably. The exhibition ground is fully crowded as the whole city is celebrating mysuru dasara. Parking lot is already full and it’s too late  so we didn’t prefer to go there hence we went straight away to find some hotel rooms for us to stay.

After that we had our dinner from Mughal darbar,a mughalai restaurant in new sayyaji rao road in Mysore. After which we all walked through the streets had some ice creams and went to our rooms to get a nice sleep after the tiresome journey and to get refreshed for the next morning to explore the city. We stayed at Preethi International, which is a 3 star hotel,near bishop house in mysore. It’s a nice hotel with quality rooms, friendly staff ,good location and overall the stay was worth the money we spent for a night. Next morning by having their complimentary delicious breakfast we started the trip to our first destination, The Mysore Zoo or Zoological Garden as you can say coz, it’s so huge…..

Entry fee was there and cameras are all allowed. After checking procedure you are entering to the world of different thousands of animals as well as bird species. It is one of the oldest and most popular zoo in India which is spread over 157 acres of land with a count of 1320 animals. A day is not enough to see the entire zoo. You became tired upon walking because it has a lot of sections to cover up. But the good part is that they provide vehicle services which will take you through the whole place to enjoy upon paying and when you reach each section they also stop and allow you to go near and take pictures within a time of 5 minutes which is pretty good also they explain you about every species that you see around. Thats what we also did. We hired a bus and enjoyed by watching variety of animals,birds, flies, snakes and much more and took so many photographs after which we decided to leave. By the time it’s already 12:30. Then we hired a Tonga (which is a light carriage drawn by one horse) for a pleasure ride.

Mysore is among the last place where the tongas are still in use, though it is largely a tourist attraction. The Tongas was the main mode of public transport in Mysore. You can see several tongas parked in different parts of the city which gives you a glimpse to the past where the only mode of transport was them.

For a full city ride you have to pay 300 bucks. It’s a nice ride but you have to make sure about the person’s sitting on it. Up to 3 its ok other than that it becomes very difficult for the horse to carry you and move, by which the riders will beat them hardly to go fast. Which is not at all nice to see. Just because of that we ended  our ride in between and hired an auto. Then we did some street shopping, buy some of the handicraft items from the local store. And just roamed around. After the window shopping we head back to our hotel room to check out as it was for an overnight stay. Done packing, got freshen up ,had lunch from the same hotel and went towards the main place which comes in everyone’s mind when you heard about Mysore. The top most tourist attraction of the city.

The Mysore Palace.

Mysore is known as the city of palaces. A city which has around 7 palaces in which Mysore palace is the most prestigious one. It’s a beautiful monument where you feel like not to take your eyes off from it. Two or three paragraphs are not enough to describe the whole palace. Its a royal residence located in the centre of the city with an old fort.

A huge three storey stone structure with wide and beautiful arches, walls painted with golden and subtle colours, large chandeliers hanging down from the ceilings, statues and wall painting which tells you about the history behind, large darbar halls,corridors, several rooms, lovely garden and much more.

It’s overall a royal feeling. The palace is well maintained with high securities for the tourists from all over the world to visit. Trip to Mysore is incomplete without the palace. But I prefer you not to go on weekends and on holidays as it will be heavily crowded which makes you to move in a rush just like we had. That’s the only sad part I feel about the place. At night the palace scene is more stunning when lights are on which we missed to see.

On Sundays and on other public holidays lights will not be there and on week days it’s from 7 to 8 pm. It’s a major loss for us.

Around 5:30 we left the place and moved towards our final destination as time is limited for us just because it’s a day trip.We reached Brindavan gardens which is again a famous tourist spot of Mysore.

It is spread over 60 acres of  land with different kinds of plants and colourful flowers along with the view of krishnaraja Sagar Dam makes this place one of its kind. A wonderful landscape where you can just walk around for hours through the pathways they made without getting bored as the scenery is stunning. The highlight of the garden is the musical fountain show which is a visual treat for the eyes. Evenings are the best time to visit and at night the garden changes to yet another vibe which is so mesmerizing.

Boat services are there across the dam towards the fountain show. It’s a wonderful place to enjoy with your loved ones but again try not to come on weekends as it will be crowded. October-December is the peak tourist season because of the moderate climate. Thats why we faced disturbance due to the crowds in all the three places.

After enjoying the whole garden there comes an end to our short trip. Unfortunately we couldn’t extend our trip and un willingly we left Mysore. But i am glad that at least i could visit mysore. It was exceeding my expectations as i thought the place was a hill station with so many tea plantations, foggy mountains, cold climate but it was totally different. It is a big city with so much greenery and scenery. Mysore is one among the top ten cleanest cities of India. The city is also famous for silk clothing, mysore paintings,mysore sandal, mysore pak – which is a sweet dish highly popular in south India, ect….

The other famous tourist attractions of Mysore include:

  • Chamundi hills.
  • St.Philomenas cathredal.
  • Jaganmohan Palace.
  • Shivanasamudra waterfalls.
  • Railway museum.
  • GRS Fantasy Park.
  • Jayalakshmi Vilas.
  • Sri Nandi Temple.

And much more………I highly recommend you to go there, stay there and just explore Mysore. Its worth visiting at least once in your life.

I hope my experience has helped you to get a glimpse of the place and you enjoyed it. thanks a lot for reading.

Until next time……..

Be positive and stay happy…….

Rubeenafaisal 💝……..