Knowing Your Unknowns…!

Recently I bought a book named ‘The monk who sold his Ferrari’ by Robin Sharma.20200208_090642 A book that leads you to a world of people whose life style is totally different from ours, a life that we all are so unfamiliar with. A nice story of a millionaire who has transformed his life to a monk when he revealed a true calling from within. Through out the book he is narrating his spiritual journey to his colleague John,whom he knows for so long and think it might create some kind of beneficial change in his life too.

Julian mantle– the millionaire lawyer who has everything in his life but still finds no happiness inside. His busy lifestyle gifted him with an unexpected heart attack by which he realized that the life that he was leading is a complete failure even though he was a successful lawyer of his time. Financially he was all fit but mentally and physically was unstable. There is no balance, no peace and no values. A machine like life.

He then decides to quit his job, sold all his materialistic things, backpacked and started his odyssey to the northern part of India the Himalayas, in search of some powerful life lessons. The journey has changed his life dramatically after meeting with some ‘sages‘- who are spiritual minded individuals. They helped him to become a very positive person leaving all his past behind. He then eventually evolved with a lot of inner strength and peacefulness and had finally find the long-lasting deep happiness inside-out.

Robin Sharma is an international best-selling author and a global humanitarian. This book has claimed to transformed millions of lives. Maybe it has because i personally loved this as it’s a beautifully scripted inspirational story which is all about finding yourself, your strengths,your courage and your inner guts which will help you to fulfill your dreams and thereby reaching your destiny. A book that is worth your money.

This is a kind of book review which I hadn’t done in my blog so far. But after reading this i thought of sharing it with you all so that you will get to know about such practices and you can deliver them in you own life aswell. When you read over, it will keep you motivated for sure. Those immensely inspirational lines mentioned in the book are so powerful that it will keep you going, no matter what.

We all know that ‘sages’ or ‘monks‘ do exist in different parts of the world like Nepal,Ladakh,Thailand ect… They are a special category of people who has their own kind of practices and way of life which makes them different from ours. The exercises and rituals explained in the book seems to be unrealistic but if you really wanted to follow then you will definitely get several gates opened . Down below is a brief portion of those.

Exercise No.1:  “HEART OF ROSE All you need is a fresh rose and a silent place. Start to stare at the centre of the rose,its heart. Notice its colour,texture and design. Think only about it for at least 20 minutes. Doing this will gradually make your mind strong,disciplined and on control.  

Exercise No.2 :   “OPPOSITION THINKING “

When ever an unwanted/undesirable thought came to your mind immediately replace it with an uplifting one. Try hard to not enter any negative thing into your mind. Welcome positive thoughts only.   EXERCISE NO. 3 :   ” SECRET OF THE LAKE ”

Envisioning our dreams becoming reality. See yourself as you want to be. Minds do work through pictures.and at the same time you also should work hard to achieve it.

All these exercises when started, will show difficulties due to untrained mind which will make distractions. Remember weak minds leads to weak actions. Do not quit. Practice makes men perfect. Work untill you get a control over your mind.

  Next are the rituals The Rituals of Radiant Living….  

1) Ritual of solitude:

A mandatory period of peace in our daily schedule. This is actually a pit stop for your soul where you explore the healing power of silence and come to know who you really are.  

2)Ritual of Physicality:

Investing in some form of physical activity to prepare our body there by preparing our mind. A simple one that the author advised here is the breathing exercise which you can do at least 3 times a day. Breathe deeply and effectively i.e, when you are inhaling your belly should move outward. This along with some other exercises will make you more healthy and fit.  

3)Ritual of Live Nourishment:

Eating good and fresh foods at proper times.  

4)Ritual of abundant knowledge:-

Life long learning and expanding our knowledge base for the good of your self and all those around you. Becoming a student of life. Read regularly at least for 30 minutes.  

5)Ritual of Personal Reflection:-

Habit of thinking. As i said earlier just set your time and sit in your favourite spot and reflect on the day. Think about the actions and repair it if need. Figure out right and wrong and make immediate improvements.  

6)Ritual of Early Awakening:

Rise with the sun. Average sleep needed for an adult is only 6 hours. Your body needs only this much so as your mind. So make a habit of waking up early. Here the author has also mentioned about the laugh. Practice laughing during free time. Its so much fun.  

7) Ritual of music:-

Listening to some soothing music as it will help you to relax your body aswell as mind. It is a major stress breaker.  

8)Ritual of Spoken Word:-

This is all about self talking. Throughout your life, in any circumstances, always tell your self some mantras or words such as I can do it, I am the best, today is my day, nothing is impossible…ect.. build that confidence within yourself. No one else can do that. Never give up. Self talk will gradually help you to cross all those obstacles and move forward.

9)Ritual of congruent character:

These are daily attempts or steps that you can do to improve your character.  

10) Ritual of Simplicity:

Live a simple life. Focus only on your priorities without comparing your life with others. Investing your precious time for those activities that are truly meaningful for you for ever.  

So these are the exercises and rituals that the author explained in the book. Even though it seems to be easy,I don’t know how much we can deliver them in our lives. If you can’t follow them fully, try to do one or two at least. It will make a difference.

Now comes those absolutely inspirational lines which I love the most.But…….! If I wrote it down here, it will make my blog even more lengthier. So I have planned to write a separate blog about those as a continuation of this. Part 2 will be coming soon….

Until next time... Be happy an stay positive….. Rubeenafaisal 💝……