Expectations always hurts…!

Never ever expect anything from anyone. It will always hurt you. No matter how close you are with that person,don't expect anything from him. It will always hurt you. Everybody is not like you. So don't expect them to do in a way you want it. It will always hurt you. But whatever happens, at … Continue reading Expectations always hurts…!


Guys.....iam back after a while. I took 2 months actually to get back here. Last 2 months were personally a busy one for me and that's why i took a break. Even though i didn't post anything,i used to read all your posts and i liked it as much as i can. Mean while congratulations … Continue reading Finaly…….

When negativity hits you…!

No matter how positive you are, there will be people who continuously tries to make you feel bad. They pretend to know everything even though they are a complete useless fellow. Even their presence makes you uncomfortable. They carries a sack of negative vibes all the time. Throwing it randomly when ever they got a … Continue reading When negativity hits you…!

Travel Diaries: Wayanad.

Wayanad -The land of paddy fields and natural beauty, it is one of the most beautiful retreats of Kerala with its green highlands, lush valleys, dense forests and cool climate makes this place a famous tourist destination which is located at the north-east district of kerala,India.All these remarks collectively attracted us to this place. Yes...! … Continue reading Travel Diaries: Wayanad.