Random Musings…!

Waking up to this Is always a bliss. It made me realise That there is a gardener somewhere inside me. It remind me of my childhood were I used to plant and water lots of them. After which, moving with life unknowingly I forgot about them. Now, years later they came back to me through … Continue reading Random Musings…!


One of the most difficult phase in our life. Everybody will face this in one way or the other. The phase in which we can't figure out anything. Were our body physically stays at one place and our mind just travels some were. Were thoughts emerges one after the other and finds only negative side … Continue reading Struggle….!

When negativity hits you…!

No matter how positive you are, there will be people who continuously tries to make you feel bad. They pretend to know everything even though they are a complete useless fellow. Even their presence makes you uncomfortable. They carries a sack of negative vibes all the time. Throwing it randomly when ever they got a … Continue reading When negativity hits you…!