Knowing Your Unknowns…!

Recently I bought a book named 'The monk who sold his Ferrari' by Robin Sharma. A book that leads you to a world of people whose life style is totally different from ours, a life that we all are so unfamiliar with. A nice story of a millionaire who has transformed his life to a … Continue reading Knowing Your Unknowns…!

Promblems of being a PERFECTIONIST….!

Neat,Clean and Tidy - My favourite words that i apply through out my life. I want my surroundings to be this way. For me every single thing should have its own place. Starting from a safety-pin to my long kurthas, i have an order. Whenever or wherever i am this is the main thing that … Continue reading Promblems of being a PERFECTIONIST….!

When negativity hits you…!

No matter how positive you are, there will be people who continuously tries to make you feel bad. They pretend to know everything even though they are a complete useless fellow. Even their presence makes you uncomfortable. They carries a sack of negative vibes all the time. Throwing it randomly when ever they got a … Continue reading When negativity hits you…!