To my creator….!

The one who created me from a single clot. He loves me so much that he blessed me with a normal life. He loves all his other creations as well. The beautiful life that we all are leading today is only because of his grace.

You created me as a clean sheet. The people, the surroundings ,the situations and everything else moulded me to the person who i am.

You are the ultimate power and you know what exactly your creations need & you provide it for them. The thoughts that i am having, the vision that iam seeing, the smell that iam recognizing, the emotions that iam feeling, the tastes that iam enjoying and much more things are all the gifts from you.

You have created us as the most powerful and beautiful ones among your creations. The ideas and intellects behind each and every human inventions that ranges from the scientific nano particle to the worlds largest building are all derived only from you.

You created the mankind and they created the religions. Even though you are the only one, you have got different names in different religion from different parts of the countries. But i know differences arrives only among people,before you all are equal.

It’s so difficult to say that the goodness that i see in you cannot be seen anywhere around me. People are doing against your will. Some are so brutal. They will do whatever seems to be ok to them. Existence of peace among people have gone to another level of wildness and violence starts to exist everywhere. Sometimes they even forget about their origin.

You created them why don’t you change them. You provide them everything and now they don’t have time even to turn towards you. You are the supreme power and i am always blessed to be your true believer. But it’s so hard to live in a society where things are completely against your way.

Fights,killings,,corruptions,discriminations and all are the things that we can see and hear around. Day by day they are increasing. Your powerful creations has become so powerful that the only one who can stop them is YOU- my creater.

I know your plans are always better and you have plans for each one of them. I am hoping for the best. Also not every one has become rude some are still only on your ways. Happy to see that.☺

I find peace when i am talking to you. I feel relaxed when i read my holy book. I am so happy to say that i can find goodness whenever i turn towards you. And its my pleasure to be your slave and iam forever grateful for that. I know you will always be there for me as you are the creater and the sustainer of the universe.

My lord always show us the good path, protect us from everything evil and bless us to be a better human beings. Ameen.

With you i am a Hero,without you iam just a Zero…!

Untill next time….

Be positive and stay happy….


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